The wedding dress saga: unboxing the dress

Finally, after a long research I bought my wedding dress! As promised I’m here to tell you my experience on buying it online.

See here my tips to buy your wedding dress online.

I bought the dress from Needle & Thread and I was super anxious and nervous to arrive quickly. It took less than a week for my dress arrived, it was super fast!

I opened the box and there it was, my beautiful dress all embellished with subtle tons of pink. After I took it from the box, I examined all the beaded details to see if everything was in perfect condition, and it was!

My next step was to try the dress to see if the size was correct, and guess what?! Yes, perfect fitting! I will have to short the hem of the dress just a little bit, but that is super normal and simple.

Final conclusions

It was super worthy! The dress came in perfect conditions and is exactly what appears in the site. Because the dress is all embroidered and delicate, it is kind of heavy and should be kept folded, not hanging!

After my wedding I will post pictures wearing it for you to see how perfect it is!

Hope to helped you and clarified some questions about buying it online. If you have a different experience let us know in the comments.



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