The wedding dress saga

I always knew that finding the wedding dress of my dreams and being restricted to a budget wouldn’t be an easy task. I didn’t want to spend a fortune in a dress that will only be used once, even though it has a sentimental value.

As a fashion designer my initial idea was to design my own dress, which would make it more special and exactly the way I wanted. But moving to Ireland made me change my plans and I started accepting the idea of buying it from another designer.

Searching “the one”

Living in a small a town narrowed my options to only a couple of stores which made me instantly realise that I would need to face my biggest fear. My wedding dress would have to be bought online without even trying it on.

After a long research I found some super expensive dresses and others more budget friendly. I finally decided that Needle & Thread was the perfect choice. I love the brand, they have reasonable prices and the most important, they had the style that I wanted – a boho beaded dress with a fluid skirt.

You are probably curious about which stores I searched, so here is the list:

A few tips to do before buying a wedding dress online:

1- Send an e-mail to customer service with all your doubts, ask for the size chart if the site doesn’t have it, and most important clarify EVERYTHING about their return policy. After all, if the dress doesn’t fit, you’ll have to return it.

2- Find a store near you that has the brand and go try some clothes. This will allow you to know your size and minimise the chances of buying the wrong one.

3- Search review on the internet from people that bought in that store. You can search for photos of them using the dresses so you can see how it really is and visualize it on you.

4- Find a good seamstress for the final adjustments if you need it.

These 4 tips helped me a lot to decide. I’m going to buy the chosen one later this month and will be sharing everything about it. Stay tuned!

Anyone has bought a wedding dress online? Tell us your story in the comments bellow.

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