How to find your own personal style

The idea of discovering your personal style goes beyond dressing the same as a celebrity that you admire or follow trends. What you need to know is you and your body to cultivate a look that will work for years instead of dress like somebody else.

Want to know your personal style? First you have to identify your body shape and how to dress for it, then you will feel more confident about your look and will be able to develop your own wardrobe. Check below some steps to help you discover your style:

1- Know your body shape

The most important thing is to know which silhouettes flatters you the most, and which don’t. See this article on how to discover your body shape. A good way to help you is to take pictures and analyse what is working on you.

2- Have a signature

Can you leave the house without a necklace? If not, this is probably your signature piece. It can be an accessory, a print, color, lipstick, etc. A lot of our style icons have signatures that we expect to see in their looks.

3- Investment pieces

Be smart! Your signature will be with you for years. Don’t mind spending a little more on it.

4- Create a style board

This is one of our favorites thing to do when we want to add something to our style. Select inspiration looks and pieces to your board (we prefer Pinterest to do this) and see how you can incorporate that into your looks. Is a fun and easy way to visualize the changes you want to do.

5- Know what you will never wear

It’s really important to pay attention on what don’t work for you. Just because something is on trend and everyone is wearing, doesn’t mean you have to wear it too. As we always say, is really important to stay true to your own style.

6- Create a palette with the colors that suits you

This is as important as knowing your body type. To know the colors that suits you, first is good to know you skin undertone. After that you can have a better idea on what colors works for you.

Let us know in the comments if you find this article helpful.

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