Find your skin undertone

Do you know your skin tone and undertone?

It seems an easy task to figure out which tone we are, but we constantly find ourselves at the beauty store reading a foundation description and testing more than 10 shades in our skin. To make your next beauty shopping easier, we have a few hacks that you can use to finally find out your skin tone.

But first let’s understand the diference between tone and undertone. Tone is color of your skin surface. And undertone is the color underneath the surface.

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Skin tones are: ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc. Remember that you can have the same skin color as someone but a different undertone.


1. Check your wrist

The best way to know your undertones is to look to your veins. Generally, if your veins are:

Blue, purple: you have cool undertones

Yellow or green: you have warm undertones

Blue and green: you are neutral.


2. How do your skin reacts to the sun?

If you tan you have warm undertone. If you burn easily you have a cool undertone. If you are not sure, or think you are a bit of both,  you are probably a neutral.


3. What suits you better, gold or silver?

If you look best in gold accessories you have a warm undertone, if it’s silver you have a cool undertone. But if you think both gold and silver looks good on you, you have a neutral undertone.


4. Eye and hair color.

For this test you have to think of your natural hair color. Generally:

Cool people have: blue, gray or green eyes. Blond, brown or black hair with silver, violet, blue and ash undertone.

Warm people have: brown, hazel or amber eyes. Red, brown, black or strawberry blond hair with gold, red, orange or yellow undertones.


So, what are you? Warm, cool or neutral?

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