5 steps to clean your wardrobe for 2017

We all say “new year, new me, new closet!”, but sometimes we find too hard to get rid of some clothes. Here are 5 steps to help you get through it.

1. Take everything out of your closet

Doing this you’ll be able to see every single piece you have, making the process easier. Once you have all your clothes placed on your bed, go though item by item creating piles, like: “keep”, “donate”, “almost didn’t wear this year”.

2. Capsule wardrobe test

Before you make a decision to keep an item, think if you can create more than 2 outfits out of it. It’s aways better if you try the whole outfit with shoes and accessories looking at a mirror.

3. Create a seasonal closet

Organize your closet for the season. If its summer keep away your winter clothing, to make it easier to see what you have and to create looks.

4. Color code

Organize your clothing by color and you’ll see that it will make your life so much easier to put an outfit together.

5. Divide

Arrange your clothing by occasion, for example, keep your fitness wardrobe separate from your work wardrobe. This is great especially when you are in a hurry, and will also allow you to make a better purchase, because you’ll see exactly what you need to buy.

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