4 steps to master the denim on denim style

The denim on denim is not a trend anymore but a style that it’s effortless, cool, easy and a practical choice.

I bet you are thinking: Should or shouldn’t I double up my denim? To help you, we listed 5 steps to follow so nothing can go wrong when incorporating the style.

1. Play with the shades

You can try pairing a lighter denim wash top with a darker denim bottom, or use a darker dress with a lighter jacket.

2. Play with accessories

Style your look with statement accessories. You can use a brighter shoe, a cool belt, a red sunglasses, a colorful bag. Use your imagination.

3. Break it up

If denim on top of denim is too much for you, break it up with a logo or graphic tee.

4. Layer

If your not afraid anymore you can start layering your denim. Wear a denim crop top with a button chambray shirt or wear a denim overall with a chambray shirt and break it up with accessories.

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